Gregory R Smith

Month: November 2018

Create Lasting Memories: Top 5 Photography Tips for Parents

Photos of our children is a sweet reminder which makes us wonder how kids grow easily.  These are the important treasures which create wonderful memories alive.  Use the following tips to capture those precious moments:

Attention:  Do things like clapping or showing a toy to make the child stay attentive.  This trick is mandatory when the kid is very little one.

Say cheese:  Ask them to say cheese to get the happy smile effect.  Photography is such a good hobby.  If you have a teenage kid, you can involve them in taking photos so that their creativity improves.  There are special cameras for children at Starwalkkids which help them get an idea of how to handle the camera and how to take the best pictures.  Once they know how to take the best photos, they enthusiastically pose so that they stay charming in the photo.

Ask to narrate story or incident:  Ask the child to narrate any interesting event or story.  You will be surprised to know how many best photos you can take with those wide eyes captured.  Using this trick, you can take the best expressive photos capturing their smiles, anger etc.

Observe silently:  Do not make the child be aware of being pictured.  Children tend to become silent and reserved due to this.  Instead, watch them at a distant silently.  You can take the best pictures when they are let to be on their own.  This helps in capturing those natural expressions.

No Pressure factor:  Never pressurize them or make them pose continuously.  They will lose their interest and get irritated. Instead, allow reasonable breaks so that they stay interested.  Take photos at intervals so that they stay fresh.  Instead, if you aim at clicking continuously, they may not co-operate well and the pictures tend to be imperfect.…

Here’s Why Fintech Startups Need Smart Analytics

It is not that only giant corporates need big data.  Even Fintech startups need smart analytics.  Read on to know why:

Understanding customer behavior is important even for start-ups.  The customer is the bread butter of any organization.  Right from an early stage, customer behavior analysis is a critical task.  Hence smart Analytics is needed even for Fintech startups.

This will help to counter the stiff competition easily.

Decision making based on data analysis is very vital for startups.  Any wrong decisions will burn them to ashes.  Hence smart analytics help in extensive data analysis and correct decision making.

Startups cannot afford to lose opportunities.  Hence grabbing opportunities is very important.  Data highlights opportunities and threats.  Hence fintech startups need smart Analytics.

Every arm of finance like banking, insurance, leasing etc. has started using the latest technologies.  one of the top KYC through video call is becoming very common.  Hence providing products which are compatible in analytics will be an added advantage.  In case if the startups offer solutions which are not compatible with the technology already used by the financial institutions, then the solutions will not be sought by the financial institutions.  It is wise to use smart analytics as a tool to provide superior fintech products will help the fintech startups to survive and grow.

Behavioral analytics help in fraud prevention.  Fintech companies handle very valuable data and hence data safety is of prime importance.  Using smart analytics will help the fintech startups to prevent data theft.

Using smart analytics will help the startups to move ahead easily.  Data science is the emerging trend in information technology.  It has a lot of potentials and offers huge opportunities.

In order to meet the compliance standards, smart analytics will help the fintech startups.  Also, it will help in providing value-added services to customers.  To ensure better customer support and prompt delivery, fintech startups surely need smart analytics.…

Five Tips for Investing in the App Market

With the invention of smartphones, folks have always been engaged with downloading so many apps that benefit them in leading a leisurely life as well as satisfying the need of entertaining factor. These apps include anything and everything ranging from the learning and fitness kits to other highly precise editing and even navigation tools. Apps are being developed in the finance management sector too. Some are free of cost for downloading and using while some should require a fixed payment.

However, before investing in any of the products available with App market, consider the given five tips that may add value to your buy:

  1. Understand the purpose of the privately developed apps. There exist many private companies that create apps based on strong business strategy. Such apps look very promising for the future and so, most huge public companies gradually acquire them and finally, these apps go public. Recognize similar companies with good investable features. For example, know the best trading app at
  2. Watch out for the creative capability of different publicly held companies. This is because such companies come with their innovative demanding products that stand out from the rest. Moreover, their product is sure of gaining popularity. So, it is wise to invest in such an App business market.
  3. Look out for those apps that are meant for global market business rather than confined niche markets. These can definitely boost up the lucrative investments.
  4. It is essential to know the application platforms. This means
  • Whether the app developed is being supported by smartphones and other similar gadgets.
  • The user age group that the app focus on.
  1. Note the turnaround possibility of the Apps launched. New and intelligent models are always a threat to the existing market competitors and so, see if your apps can be extended to other new technological software versions for beating the competition.