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Month: December 2018

How Wearable Technology Is Helping to Save Lives

Modern lives are getting busier and are making people sedentary. There has been an increase in the work hours and there is very little time left for focusing on diet and exercises. This has caused a steep increase in health deterioration. Blame it on the daily stress! Stress and diabetes are linked and there are many other severe health conditions that are caused due to stress as well. So if you wish to combat stress and lead a healthy life the right time to start thinking about it is right now.

Wearable tech

Wearable technology as the name implies indicates tech that can be worn. These are heavily dependent on the sensor technologies. There are different types of sensors used in different wearable devices. All of these gather data like the body parameters including blood pressure and heart rate. The data is then processed and interpreted to analyze and cure health problems.

Anomalies in heart rate

There are different cardiac conditions that can be avoided and treated if diagnosed on time. There have been several smartwatches introduced which can monitor the heart rate and immediately warn about any changes in the heart rate. In the case of those with a high blood pressure, an elevation in the pressure can be notified and the patient can immediately take countermeasures. These cardiac health monitors are life-saving devices.

Calling for help

Another major revolution thanks to the wearable tech is the ability to call for help during emergencies. For patients with chronic health conditions monitoring the parameters round the clock is possible with wearable tech. The physician can also be able to remotely access data and be warned of any risks. Another major feature is the ability to immediately call for help by placing calls to the emergency numbers soon after a certain criterion is met indicating an emergency. Some watches notify the emergency numbers if a fall has been detected followed by a period of inactivity.…

Here’s How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors with a Visualizer

Choosing paint colors for your house or your office can be a daunting task. What you have in mind is not what you find on paper, what you see on paper is not what comes out on the walls, and it just goes on. You may have one idea in mind but once executed, it may not look so attractive anymore.

So how can you ensure you get your paint options right?


This is a new technology that allows you to upload a photo of the room you want to paint and paint is virtual. This way you will know what the room looks like in the new color. Since it is a photo of the room in the current state, you can see how the colors play around with the furniture, other decorative items in the room, etc.

So how can you choose an exterior paint using this new technology? Here are a few tips:

  • Click a photo of your house from various angles. Ensure you get the surrounding areas into the pictures too as these colors will play a role in enhancing or subduing your paint color.
  • Get close up shots as well as distant shots so that the entire wall and the house itself are covered.
  • Now go to a store that offers this facility. You can find options on BuildSearch.
  • Upload your photo and try out various colors you have in mind. Take someone from the house with you, for bouncing your ideas off and to get a different opinion on your take of paint color.
  • Change the color of the trimmings, the shutters, etc too and see what looks the best, and choose accordingly
  • If needed you can even take samples of these paints and try it out on your wall before you buy the entire quantity, so that you can confirm the visualizer’s image in reality.

How Using Technology Boosts Seniors’ Self Esteem

Technology is the realm of happiness. We get to move with so much confidence when our self-esteem is raised beyond a limit that is very unexpected and worthwhile. It is difficult to boost the seniors’ self-esteem. Technology has proven to put its effort in this aspect too. It is quite unimaginable. But, strictly it is very true. Let us understand how it is possible.

The most important issue affecting any senior would be loneliness. They essentially do not know what to do. They really would like to spend time with their loved ones, daughters, and sons staying elsewhere. It is quite a common phenomenon that we see people stay in different corners od f the world. When the old age people can work on the technology, especially on the networking front they get to connect to people and tend to become motivated and happier.

When they can log in to the internet and spend some time reading good articles, it keeps them very much welcoming and engaged. They get the pride of engaging themselves. It is a great way to enliven their lives.

The fitness tracker is another instrument that helps them concentrate on their health and work efficiently on their fitness zones. It can capture the amount of physical activity that they do and the nutritional information that is beholding their movement in a great way. You will get even better information when you surf about keto blast products. This is considered one of the best in this regard. It is easier for old aged people to work on these products. This will help them look after themselves in a safer manner without troubling others and this is what they essentially need. Take quick steps in this regard and suggest to people around.

Biometrics in Cars: Unlocking Your Car With a Fingerprint

Vehicles can now be opened and started by utilizing the unique finger impression recognition innovation. In case you’re always misplacing the keys, or stress over the vehicle being robbed, at that point Biometric Vehicle Access found on might make stuff less demanding.

The biometrics sensor will recognize the fingerprints and open the vehicle. After which, the vehicle will begin as you press the fingerprints on a sensor. To keep somebody from cleaving off your hand or utilizing a phony finger to attempt and take the vehicle, the frameworks are customized to perceive a heartbeat, blood pressure and temperature of the body to verify you are alive. Only on verification, the car will start the engine.

This is certifiably not another thought by any stretch of the imagination. In 1996 Volkswagen AG documented a patent for a framework that utilizes an optical-electronic picture software to distinguish an approved client of a car by perceiving a particular physical element of the client and the Ford Motor Company in 2015, was allowed a patent for a biometric gadget that utilizes retinal scans, fingerprints, and voice acknowledgment to open and start the engine.

A card access framework expecting biometrics to get inside and begin a vehicle might inhibit potential criminals. Nevertheless, in case, a person gets inside the car, they won’t be able to start the engine without the fingerprint that has been registered.

Practical viewpoints

A whole new personalized approach:

On perusing the biometrics, a vehicle could consequently modify everything from the mirror to seats to GPS and music as indicated by custom details.

Minimum Distraction and Enhanced Focus:

As the vehicle is aware of your identity, numerous highlights at present require modification manually which can be mechanized, enabling you to place your fixed on the street while driving.

Greater Security:

A framework that needs biometrics of fingerprinting to get in or begin the engine will hinder the plans of robbery.

Top 10 Ways Technology Is Changing Our Food

Read on to know the top 10 ways technology is changing our food:

Genetically modified seeds:  Technology has brought the invention of genetically modified seeds.  These seeds grow into plants giving fruits and vegetables which have improved shelf life, better taste, and color.  Technology has made possible combining the best features of varieties of plants developing improved breeds.

Satellite farming:  Farmers find it easy to monitor large areas of farms with the help of satellite farming apps. Hence managing the farm can be easily done effectively.

Cheaper products:  Technology has reduced the cost of production and distribution.  Also, effective marketing methods benefit the customer.  Imagine how delighted the customer will be to get good quality products at discount with the help of Couponobox.

IOT:  Internet of Things has enabled the use of sensors to monitor the temperature of storing food, shipping time etc.

Monitoring and processing:  Technology has enabled automation of various aspects of food cultivation.  Right from watering to harvest, monitoring crop health and collecting information on weather, crop diseases, pest control etc. are made easy and innovative with the help of technology.

Drones:  Drones are used to monitor large-scale farms.  Sitting in his farmhouse, the farmer has no need to step out and sweat.  He can get the pictures and view whether the plant is healthy or infested with pests, whether the flowering is normal and decide when the crop can be plucked.

Printing:  Technology has enabled 3D printing on cakes.  This is something that we have never imagined about.

Referring to recipes:  Preparing any cuisine is easy now.  There are lots of recipe videos showing the step by step methods.

Delivery:  To order food from your favorite restaurant, you need not to travel in traffic and search parking space.  Just a click in the app will fetch the food at your doorstep without delay.  With the help of technology, even the delivery of food to the customer has seen immense change.

Apps for health-conscious diet:  There are a whole lot of apps which highlight on a low glycemic diet, vegan diet etc. and help you focus on your fitness.