Gregory R Smith

3 Tech Factors That Make Instagram The Best Social Media Platform

If you hadn’t been living under a rock, for almost eight years, then you probably should know about Instagram by now. Instagram is the photo sharing, social media platform that was released back in October of 2010. Since then, it has seen leaps and bounds of growth over the few years. From various celebrities to models, to food lovers, to soccer players – everyone is using Instagram these days. The enjoyment of interacting with like-minded people, who are liking, commenting and interacting with your uploaded photos, is really very inspiring and motivational. Therefore, let’s go through all those 3 factors that make Instagram, the best social media platform of today.

Three Tech Factors That Helps Instagram To Reign Supreme Among All Other Social Media Platforms

  • Increased Penetration In The Target Market : Most users of smartphones and internet nowadays, are young men and women, who already have an Instagram account. They like to spend because they are earning much more in today world. Therefore, if you have a great product to sell, you can convince this segment of people by just posting a nice, high-resolution image of your product on Instagram. It is also reported that almost 70 per cent of Instagram users are women – and since women love shopping, this will directly benefit the sales of the product.
  • Innovative Way Of Displaying Content : When you open Facebook, there is so much stuff going on around you. There are pictures, sidebars, comments, links, chat screens, etc. When you open Instagram, you see nothing but only pictures and videos. This is the big difference between Instagram and other social media platforms. You only see the content and nothing else. And this translates into huge engagement with the audience.
  • Users Spend More Time And Are Much More Active : It has been found out, that Instagram users tend to like, comment and share a certain picture, almost 50 to 80 times more than a similar user on another social media platform. This is very much important because it facilitates wo Instagram likes kaufen and more user engagement. Users spend hours and hours scrolling through pictures, and this is the reason why Instagram is so much better, especially if you have a business.