Gregory R Smith

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Top 10 Ways Technology Is Changing Our Food

Read on to know the top 10 ways technology is changing our food:

Genetically modified seeds:  Technology has brought the invention of genetically modified seeds.  These seeds grow into plants giving fruits and vegetables which have improved shelf life, better taste, and color.  Technology has made possible combining the best features of varieties of plants developing improved breeds.

Satellite farming:  Farmers find it easy to monitor large areas of farms with the help of satellite farming apps. Hence managing the farm can be easily done effectively.

Cheaper products:  Technology has reduced the cost of production and distribution.  Also, effective marketing methods benefit the customer.  Imagine how delighted the customer will be to get good quality products at discount with the help of Couponobox.

IOT:  Internet of Things has enabled the use of sensors to monitor the temperature of storing food, shipping time etc.

Monitoring and processing:  Technology has enabled automation of various aspects of food cultivation.  Right from watering to harvest, monitoring crop health and collecting information on weather, crop diseases, pest control etc. are made easy and innovative with the help of technology.

Drones:  Drones are used to monitor large-scale farms.  Sitting in his farmhouse, the farmer has no need to step out and sweat.  He can get the pictures and view whether the plant is healthy or infested with pests, whether the flowering is normal and decide when the crop can be plucked.

Printing:  Technology has enabled 3D printing on cakes.  This is something that we have never imagined about.

Referring to recipes:  Preparing any cuisine is easy now.  There are lots of recipe videos showing the step by step methods.

Delivery:  To order food from your favorite restaurant, you need not to travel in traffic and search parking space.  Just a click in the app will fetch the food at your doorstep without delay.  With the help of technology, even the delivery of food to the customer has seen immense change.

Apps for health-conscious diet:  There are a whole lot of apps which highlight on a low glycemic diet, vegan diet etc. and help you focus on your fitness.