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The Ways Technology Can Improve Quality Of Life

What is the quality of life?

It refers to the well-being of a person or a group. Quality of life is a broad term as it encompasses different aspects such as health both physical and mental, leisure, entertainment, social interactions and also the surroundings we live in. The advent of technology has for sure brought about many changes in our lives. Our lives have become more dependent on technology. There are hundreds of innovations that have made life easier and comfortable.

Health care industry

This sector has been a major beneficiary of modern innovations. The access to superior technology that monitors the patient’s conditions, the automated warning system if the readings go beyond the dangerous level etc has all been the most useful inventions in the medical field. The technology is used to collect and store patient data in a foolproof manner. This will be a big advantage as the availability of up to date patient records is crucial to determine the next course of action. Robotics is also better to be a game changer for the healthcare sector.


There have been quite many innovative options in the field of entertainment. With the increased use of smartphones and internet, the entertainment options are no longer limited to TV’s or cinema halls. Everything is on the phone.

Social interactions

Social media has been the biggest frenzy of late. These websites can be used for better communication and interactions. These forums can be used as a means to create awareness and advertising.

Technology, as discussed earlier, is Omni-present and has profound benefits in all spheres of human life. All inventions are necessarily aimed at enhancing the quality of life. Like more men also some of the best gadgets like the best razor for manscaping below the belt are also an invention of modern technology. Technology on the other hand also faces the blame for making humans lazy.…

How New Technologies Are Accelerating Drug Development

Many patients and doctors around the world have waited years to have promising treatments to be available, and finally it is possible to the rise of technology in the medical sector.

  • Exploratory machine learning: The most efficient way analytical tools and computer technology can work to streamline the process of discovering new drugs is through machine learning. The twoXAR, a Silicon Valley startup built a system that takes data related to Parkinson’s disease as input and determines the best drugs.
  • Big data: There is a vast amount of data coming the way of pharma companies. The key to marketing new medicines faster than before is efficiently managing this data and understanding it. Doctors are able to access years of data with peer-reviewed journals, which saves them unnecessary time spend researching and experimenting on unknown conditions.
  • Nanotechnology: Nanomedicine makes use of Nano science application for drug, protein and peptide delivery. With the help of nanotechnology diseases can be detected at a much earlier stage. There are applications involving tuberculosis, surgery and disease detection. This is an efficient method which is able to detect any material in your blood or urine which is out of normal. For people using cannabis on a regular basis, this could be a piece of keystone technology as the drug testing methods will only keep getting efficient. If you need synthetic urine go here to as it the only thing which can bypass that test.
  • Computer programming: There are many drugs which function through inhibiting the protein enzymes that a particular disease is associated with. The problem with these drugs is that these drugs can also inhibit other proteins that are in now related to these diseases. Through computer program, by culling data scientists are working on distinguishing these enzymes from other harmless ones.