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Create Lasting Memories: Top 5 Photography Tips for Parents

Photos of our children is a sweet reminder which makes us wonder how kids grow easily.  These are the important treasures which create wonderful memories alive.  Use the following tips to capture those precious moments:

Attention:  Do things like clapping or showing a toy to make the child stay attentive.  This trick is mandatory when the kid is very little one.

Say cheese:  Ask them to say cheese to get the happy smile effect.  Photography is such a good hobby.  If you have a teenage kid, you can involve them in taking photos so that their creativity improves.  There are special cameras for children at Starwalkkids which help them get an idea of how to handle the camera and how to take the best pictures.  Once they know how to take the best photos, they enthusiastically pose so that they stay charming in the photo.

Ask to narrate story or incident:  Ask the child to narrate any interesting event or story.  You will be surprised to know how many best photos you can take with those wide eyes captured.  Using this trick, you can take the best expressive photos capturing their smiles, anger etc.

Observe silently:  Do not make the child be aware of being pictured.  Children tend to become silent and reserved due to this.  Instead, watch them at a distant silently.  You can take the best pictures when they are let to be on their own.  This helps in capturing those natural expressions.

No Pressure factor:  Never pressurize them or make them pose continuously.  They will lose their interest and get irritated. Instead, allow reasonable breaks so that they stay interested.  Take photos at intervals so that they stay fresh.  Instead, if you aim at clicking continuously, they may not co-operate well and the pictures tend to be imperfect.…