Gregory R Smith

Here’s How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors with a Visualizer

Choosing paint colors for your house or your office can be a daunting task. What you have in mind is not what you find on paper, what you see on paper is not what comes out on the walls, and it just goes on. You may have one idea in mind but once executed, it may not look so attractive anymore.

So how can you ensure you get your paint options right?


This is a new technology that allows you to upload a photo of the room you want to paint and paint is virtual. This way you will know what the room looks like in the new color. Since it is a photo of the room in the current state, you can see how the colors play around with the furniture, other decorative items in the room, etc.

So how can you choose an exterior paint using this new technology? Here are a few tips:

  • Click a photo of your house from various angles. Ensure you get the surrounding areas into the pictures too as these colors will play a role in enhancing or subduing your paint color.
  • Get close up shots as well as distant shots so that the entire wall and the house itself are covered.
  • Now go to a store that offers this facility. You can find options on BuildSearch.
  • Upload your photo and try out various colors you have in mind. Take someone from the house with you, for bouncing your ideas off and to get a different opinion on your take of paint color.
  • Change the color of the trimmings, the shutters, etc too and see what looks the best, and choose accordingly
  • If needed you can even take samples of these paints and try it out on your wall before you buy the entire quantity, so that you can confirm the visualizer’s image in reality.