Gregory R Smith

Hostgator vs Amazon Web Services Hosting Customer Support Comparison

Are you a new web developer in the market? Are you looking for the best web hosting provider? You must be in a hem and haw situation as there are numerous such providers and every one of them claims to be the best. In this article, you will find certain comparisons between Amazon Web Services and Hostgator. Read on to know more.

A Brief Overview of Hostgator

Before delving deep into the comparisons between the two, you should have some knowledge about these two web hosting services. Hostgator started its journey from 2002, and within one year, the customer base of it has touched 400,000. Presently, the number of customers has increased a lot and now it is hosting more than 9,000,000 domains.

Hostgator offers a wide range of services, including unlimited bandwidth and disk space along with user-friendly controls. Along with that, the easy control panel can be operated simply and with the free demo to help you. Along with that, Hostgator offers 4,500 free websites templates along with 45 days’ money back guarantee.

Introduction to Amazon Web Services

Amazon web services offer several plans that come with the free basic package. It is true that this web hosting provider offers free web hosting, but that is extremely limited and you have to look for other packages. The other plans of this provider are Developer, Business, and Enterprises.

The best thing you can do is to go through a comparative study between such companies, such as a comparative study between AWS vs Hostgator hosting will tell you which one is better than the other.

Hostgator v/s AWS Hosting- Comparing the Performance

While AWS offers cloud-based web hosting solutions, Hostgator is the widely used hosting platform that is popular around the world. It is quite clear that Hostgator is the leading brand of web hosting on the market. In performance, Hostgator will be far ahead than AWS hosting.

Hostgator and AWS- Page Load Speed

Uploading page speed of Hostgator is around 3.11 seconds which is far better than AWS hosting which comes with page load speed of 4.56 sec for the same website. The best time of loading page is 1.88 seconds for Hostgator while the time is 2.55 seconds for AWS hosting. So, it is always better to use Hostgator for the new web developers as well as for the pro.

Hostgator and AWS Hosting- Uptime Test Results

The uptime limit can’t be 100% for any of the web hosting service providers. But, if you use Hostgator, you can get 99.99% uptime. On the other hand, the AWS hosting comes with 99.93% and it is far behind than Hostgator. You may not find the difference too huge apparently, but when your online website is dependent on your website, every single second count.

Hostgator v/s AWS- Support System

While it comes about customer support, Hostgator is really the father figure of all web hosting service providers. From telephonic help to live chat, the AWS customer service desk is available for 24/7. With skilled and professional employees, every problem, related to web hosting can be solved at any hour. In comparison to Hostgator, AWS has much time to buck up them and touch the service system of Hostgator.

So, here are certain comparative studies between Hostgator and AWS to make you understand which one is better. Hostgator is undoubtedly the best web hosting service provider at this present time. From customer service to free demo, Hostgator is good for everyone. AWS is also emerging as one of the best, but it has time enough to grow big and touch the popularity of Hostgator.