Gregory R Smith

How Wearable Technology Is Helping to Save Lives

Modern lives are getting busier and are making people sedentary. There has been an increase in the work hours and there is very little time left for focusing on diet and exercises. This has caused a steep increase in health deterioration. Blame it on the daily stress! Stress and diabetes are linked and there are many other severe health conditions that are caused due to stress as well. So if you wish to combat stress and lead a healthy life the right time to start thinking about it is right now.

Wearable tech

Wearable technology as the name implies indicates tech that can be worn. These are heavily dependent on the sensor technologies. There are different types of sensors used in different wearable devices. All of these gather data like the body parameters including blood pressure and heart rate. The data is then processed and interpreted to analyze and cure health problems.

Anomalies in heart rate

There are different cardiac conditions that can be avoided and treated if diagnosed on time. There have been several smartwatches introduced which can monitor the heart rate and immediately warn about any changes in the heart rate. In the case of those with a high blood pressure, an elevation in the pressure can be notified and the patient can immediately take countermeasures. These cardiac health monitors are life-saving devices.

Calling for help

Another major revolution thanks to the wearable tech is the ability to call for help during emergencies. For patients with chronic health conditions monitoring the parameters round the clock is possible with wearable tech. The physician can also be able to remotely access data and be warned of any risks. Another major feature is the ability to immediately call for help by placing calls to the emergency numbers soon after a certain criterion is met indicating an emergency. Some watches notify the emergency numbers if a fall has been detected followed by a period of inactivity.