Gregory R Smith

New York vs London – Which Is the World’s Fashion-Tech Capital?

There is a hot debate in the fashion industry as to whether New York or London- which is the world’s fashion-tech capital.  Both have the healthy atmosphere for the growth of the fashion industry.  Already the industry has shown good prospects in both the cities.

New York, as well as London, is hosting international fashion weeks.  These are proven platforms of successfully introducing new styles.  These fashion shows act as trendsetters and evoke a huge response.

Tech giants are located more in NY. Also, much of research work like using tech wearables, 3D printing etc. are happening busily.  No wonder soon an IT giant will open YSL bag outlet highlighting their technology inputs used in the accessory.  London has proximity to Paris and Asian markets.

Both have leading fashion schools nurturing creative minds.  Many reputed fashion designers are already products of these schools.

Both the cities offer sops for fashion tech with the help of the government.  NY gives tax rebates whereas London offers incubation to startups.

Both offer mentorship and scholarship for fashion tech projects.

Both have fashion tech labs with excellent infrastructure.  These labs are very useful in research.  These researches automatically result in lowering of costs and innovation of convenient clothing.

With constant improvement in technology geographical location is no longer a constraint.  The world is buzzing with online shoppers.  There are practically no differences between nations and the whole world has become a village market.  Consumers can be from any nook and corner of the world.  But only a few fashion hubs can offer a good meeting point for leading fashion houses, fashion-tech giants, researches, retailers, models and all the other stakeholders of the industry.   In this context, both New York and London are equally important.  Their contribution is equal to the growth of the industry.