Gregory R Smith

The Negative Effects of Technology on Physical Activity

Technology is the double-edged sword that if not handled correctly can affect you adversely. While technology is providing us with advanced gadgets and machines to help us stay fitter, it is also making us more dependable instead of active. If not used in a correct manner, these are the negative effects technology can have on our physical activities.

1) Less exercise: With all highly efficient cars in the market people are tending to walk less. The younger generation is also seen involving more in activities like working on their laptops and smartphones instead of spending time in outdoor physical activities. This is the reason we can see many people suffering from issues like obesity. If you are looking for information on weight loss, diet plans or required supplementation, visit MOVOMOVO.

2) Sleep disorder: All these high tech devices emit artificial light that makes keeps your brain awake for a longer time as it is not able to understand the difference between the natural light and artificial light. Many people admit using the mobile devices until they sleep and also using it as the first thing in the morning. This has increasingly caused sleep disorders in adults as well as children.

3) Mental ability: Technology is not only affecting the physical activities of adults and kids but it is also affecting the mental abilities of the younger generation. Studies showed that continuous indulgence in technology devices like smartphones and other gadgets are affecting the kids thinking ability. It is said that it can change the way our brain is wired to function making it difficult to do simple activities efficiently.

4) Affecting our privacy: With the advanced technology we see many social platforms everywhere and many times children, as well as adults, are seen sharing information that can put their privacy and safety into risk.